Pioneering the region searching for places to interact with nature Patricia and Peter discovered Imbassaí, where gradually they built their house to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The desire to share their paradise with friends incentivized them to create a larger structure that after became the Inn “Pousada Aldeia Banzaê”. The name is a tribute to the Indian tribe Kiriris that live in Banzaê in Bahia and to the owners it inspires respect and love for nature.

A life philosophy that prioritizes sense of peace and tranquillity, boosting positive feelings through the magic and wellbeing with nature.

Located in Imbassaí Beach, this Inn named inspired by an Indian tribe from Bahia have in each bungalows representations of tribes from Bahia, such as: Kiriri, Pataxó Hahaha, Atakikúm, Pankareré among others ... an area of 5,000 m² of incomparable flora and fauna you and your family will enjoy this unique peace and tranquillity near the river and the sea.

The “Pousada Aldeia Banzaê” has complete bungalows with toilet, TV, fridge, hot shower and balcony with hammock. It also has a cable TV, wireless, playground and private parking lot.
In addition to experience nature every second in our hostel, you have at your disposal a relaxing swimming pool for both adults and kids, a playground for children enjoyment and a soccer field to play and throw away all the retained energy.

We still have a zoo of wild animals kept completely free, such as peacocks, monkeys, birds, etc. .
We accept Visa and Mastercard .

Come and enjoy our hospitality.