The first inhabitants of the place nicknamed it by Imbassaí, it means " riverbed” In Tupi. It could not be otherwise, because there are many fresh water spots that flow in cascades and downstream, parallel to the dunes, in the way to the sea.

Situated in the APA - Environmental Protection Area - the Green Line, it is 63 km from Salvador and only 13 km from Praia do Forte in Mata de São João town [link to the city ] .There are attractions for those who are looking for eco and adventure tourism, with special spots for rafting and sandboarding.

Imbassaí realised the potential of eco-tourism recently, from the opening of the “Linha Verde” road. This road connects all the sights of the “Costa dos Coqueiros”, the primitive village began to be prepared with hotel and infrastructure of service, gaining every day, new equipment to better meet and welcome visitors. The hotels, bars and restaurants spread over an area of 3 km ², among cashew nut, coconut and jungle.

The six miles of beaches are bordered by high dunes, which hide Imbassaí River, famous in the region for offering a peaceful and invigorating bath of fresh water. There are tents located on the strip of sand between the beach and the river, offering cold drinks and appetizers as fried fish and seafood, as well as traditional acarajé served in trays from Bahia. The access to beaches is only possible for pedestrians, because the rivers forms a natural barrier for vehicles, that increases the tranquillity of the village.